Neil Emmerson has spent 35 years working non-stop as the traveling photographer.

"Before digital there were only a few full-time travel photographers. It was costly and massively competitive until you got the 'big break' and were working with a Global client, in my case an airline - then it all changed and you were just working, all of the time, with more airlines, somewhere in the World living on an aeroplane and shooting pictures somewhere, every day."

Neil went on to work with major brands within the automotive industry as well as continuing with pure travel assigned work, shooting lifestyle and fashion jobs with the common theme and emphasis upon the finest locations for the work of the day.

"Taking the product to the best place in the World with the best team at the best time, constantly preparing everything and hoping for the best weather has always been the system: the viewer has become incredibly sophisticated and can sense fake a mile off. We're fast moving towards an era where fake will no longer hold water. You are either there, with a camera shooting the picture, or you're not. With this in mind, the images I produce are simply what was there: essentially, pure photography, a reaction on a sensor or film medium stimulated by light to capture a moment in time."

In recent years, Neil has moved to the production of fine art photography from his studio in Mayfair London, drawing from past work and moving forward with travel and art-based assignments and producing the highest quality product to complete special interior design and the meet the requirements of collectors in 2022 and beyond.